Christmas Day 2015

This wonderful holiday started early for me with a beautiful walk and looking at a beautiful sunrise.  After the walk I showered, dressed and packed up the car with a few of the presents to distribute.  I headed over back to my house and was greeted by a gift from Neighbor Dolan’s (their traditional cookies and some socks) and with disdain by the kitties.  I quickly got to feeding the kitties and cleaning out their boxes.  They still were playing hard to get but eventually got over it.  I did some more laundry before leaving and will get it out tomorrow upon my return.


Once I finished there it was nearly ten so I headed to Liz and Nelson’s with a quick stop at the post office.  Nothing was there (not really surprised as I haven’t mailed anything with that address of late).  Traffic was not bad at all this morning.  What would normally take 15 minutes took less.


When I arrived Liz was playing cards with Rich and Friend Rick was visiting.  He only stayed a short time.  Nelson was in the other room not feeling well.  According to Liz and him he didn’t have a great night last night.  He was not breathing well and couldn’t swallow.  We had coffee and exchanged gifts.  


Rich and Liz Loved their gifts from me.  I got cat magnets for the car litter mat for the cats and toys and some beautiful fleece nightgowns.  The thank you notes will start soon.


We were waiting on Chris and his fiancee to arrive.   They had been partying well until 3 am and had some last minute things to prepare.   When they arrive Chris made eggs and bacon and Jen made cinnamon rolls French Toast bake.  A recipe she got from Facebook and I think I just found.  I had a number of cups of coffee and I hope it won’t keep me up tonight.  They loved their gifts from em as well.


It was nearly one when I left there and headed back to Preston.  It was 72 degrees at that point.  There was still a little chill in the air (at least for me).  Liz pointed out I wasn’t feeling well.  while I was at the house I walked Preston and then gathered the last of the gift s.  I headed to Cheryl’s via the Merritt.


The Drive to Cheryl’s was not bad.  I did notice the change in the sky.  The sky grew gray.  I got to Cheryl’s some time after 2.  Nelson jr greeted me at the door and offered to get the box of gift s I still had in the car.  Then I saw the rest of the family and we all chatted and stuff.  The only thing was I spent a lot of time washing my hands whenever I had to wipe my nose.  Liz and Nelson came after I did.


We played and talked and then eventually ate a feast.  There was ham and pork, and macaroni and cheese (I didn’t have that) but I ate almost everything else.  Around 3 or 4 we opened presents and did the Yankee swap.  The parents loved the gifts I got their kids and as I looked around I probably could have gotten some of these kids different gifts like clothes.  In the end I was really satisfied with what they got.


I got home some time after five and we have been relaxing.  Preston wanted to sit on my chest and I couldn’t let him but he was cuddly just the same.  He was barking at something and now he is quiet again.


I think I am going to go back to bed for now.


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