This weekend was awesome

First yesterday’s trip to the Vet was less stressful then in the past.  I closed the door to the bedroom and let both cats sleep on the bed.  I positioned the carrier near the bed and worked on the computer for a while.  As the time approached I picked up the tiger and had to a couple of times work her into the crate.  I kept her there for about an hour.  I called the vet to see if I could come earlier but it wasn’t feasible.  I let sky out and eventually I took her downstairs and she did try to push the door open but basically I was calm and didn’t get all that upset.  I have no scratches from her.

Before taking her to the vet I took a drive around the beach….she couldn’t see anything but kept crying out.  Eventually I made it to the vet.  We were inside and then it was time for us to go in.  We went to one room was weighed and tertiary exam and nails trimmed at my request.  We went into another room and the full on exam started.  Tiger was kind of cornered and kept near her to keep her calm.  She jumped down and I managed to pick her up and corner her with the crate.  Eventually the doctor came in and examined her.  She is two pounds overweight.  She was given her shots and the chip.

After the vet I headed to my Sister’s to pick up her birthday gift for her Grandson.  She showed me her dress she would be wearing at the Downton Abby season premiere Party in Torrington.  We talked for a few more moments then I headed home. 

When I got home I let Tiger out of the crate and she came out.  I was sure she would avoid me for the rest of the day but she didn’t.  She would rub against my legs and curled up with me when I took a rest.  She actually stayed by me for a long time throughout the day.

After we settled in I went to the bank then got ready for the birthday party.  I found out when I got there that the party delayed an hour.  This allowed me some quality time with young Nelson and his sister Olivia.  They sat with me and watched Brave.  It made my day.  They don’t usually go to other people except their parents or grandparents.  The party was great.  It was a lot of fun and I was there until about 5 and then came home. 

The rest of the night I settled in for the night.  The kitties slept at my side.  IT was great.

Today was Bingo, and Mexican train game.  Bingo seemed a bit hectic and the residents were ornery than usual.  I was really glad to get out of there when I did.

Mexican train session was fun.  We ordered dinner from Bear and Grill.  We ordered and started playing.  The food came by 5:15 and as usual we had something different (sandwiches for most of them) I had a stuffed chicken and salad.  I had a lot left over and will use it for dinner.  We played until about 8 or so and talked about a lot of stuff.  One of the things I found out is that Debbie and her fiancé are looking for a place in Florida.  It won’t be for another couple of years.  I was so shocked.  As Charlie said this may be the last Mexican train game.  It was a sad moment for me.

I did grocery shopping but not at my usual place.  After dealing with a few problems with the Shop rite site I moved over to Stop and Shop and ordered some stuff for Wednesday night.  I hope this is much better experience.

Now that I have been home I been watching TV, checking messages and now going to bed



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