This has been a week

This week has been rather hectic. I was so tired that I couldn’t do it. Hopefully the rest of this week and weekend will be better.

First of all I think I was scammed by someone at Peapod. They were telling me that the delivery fee wasn’t paid for which I knew was. They started asking questions that I felt uncomfortable with. They were setting off alarm bells. I contacted Stop and shop and went there and that particular store doesn’t participate in Peapod. I called peapod. I ended up calling Amex to alert them. The guy was quite helpful and I will be getting a new card. I still managed to get my food on Wednesday.

The second big thing was Tiger has some parasite in her so it’s been somewhat of a big deal getting them their meds. I was devastated when the vet told me this…its Giardiasis.   Usually found in dogs.  Thursday was a lot better than Wednesday. . Both of them have to take it. I have to bring stool sample in two weeks to see if they are recovered. The medicine was $42. I have to be careful around the kitties stuff or I could get sick. L Sky gets his shots tomorrow.

This week was a week of Dr. Appointments. I saw my Lupus Dr. Tuesday and had my Benlysta infusion Wednesday. Both went well. My next apt is in April and then I see Dr. S in July. My infusion is next month.

I called the cardiologist Friday to see if they have signed the FMLA papers but he hadn’t yet as of that final call. I hope it does it by next week because I need to have it.

Work is going good. Still trying to get everything from the recess of my desk. Making progress there. I probably won’t be able to help out with checks until the middle of next week. There were a couple of Powerball pools going around. I participated in the first one two days ago. We won a small amount of money and they reinvested it to the next pool. I can’t do the one for tomorrow night.

I was talking to Elia the other day and she tells me that negotiations for the next contract have begun and they seem to be going okay so far.  Our next membership meeting is in April. I am sure we will be getting updates fairly regular when they get into it.

We all got an invitation for an in house retirement party for JoAnne O this week as well. I knew it was coming but didn’t realize just how soon.   It is at the end of the month. I don’t think there will be a dinner. There didn’t seem to be any discussion about it. Another coworker returned from a medical leave and she looks great.

The Child Study has a new chairperson. Dr. A announced that Linda Mayes MD will be heading the department.

The weather has been chilly and cold. Mostly in the 40’s but no rain or snow yet.   There is a winter storm warning slated for the weekend. Northern Fairfield and Northern New Haven Counties. My hope is to get all the outside chores done before it hits.



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