Saturday Doings

Good Morning.  It is fairly quiet this morning.  The cats just finished their wrestling match on the bed.  They have run somewhere.  Today is Sky’s turn at the vet’s for his shots and whatever else there is planned.  I am debating whether or not to take him to the pet store while I get their food.  Probably not a good idea.  It would be like handling two crates and 02 cylinder.  No I am not on the oxygen again.  I am just saying it would be awkward.

I ordered my coffee from and included hot chocolate and a couple of regular coffee and two decaf coffees.  Didn’t order any tea this time since I have a lot of sleepy time and still have enough lemon zinger and a few others around as well.

The rest of the afternoon should be quiet until I get the babes ready for their medicine.  Liz will be coming over around 5 and we will be giving it to them.  I can’t wait for the meds to be finished because rounding them up isn’t always easy.  Both of us have gotten nailed by both of them good.

I may also spend time on writing to my pals.  I have a number of letters overdue.  I may even start with the most recent ones and then get them mailed. 

I may attempt at cooking a roast today or tomorrow.  Not sure how it will turn out but I will let you know.

But for now need to start getting ready for the vets.  First a shower and then wrangling Sky.  Let’s hope he is cooperative.  He did walk into early this morning but that was out of kitty curiosity.


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