This Week

This week has really gone by fast again. My hope is to have tomorrow Friday off for the long weekend. I am still waiting on Supervisor to approve it. I hope he will when he gets in from a meeting.

Work has been good. Been able to work with the epic system logging in the refund checks. I basically keep up with things. I haven’t heard any updates on the negotiations for the newest contract. I am sure we will be getting some soon.

On Tuesday I submitted the FMLA stuff to the leave coordinator. I hope they review it and let me know when (and soon) it is approved. They will probably email me or send me a formal response home.

The DTC caucus went well our immediate district has ten open seats bringing our number to 33 but currently have 24. Including a woman who joined that night. There are new rules about registering for the DTC.   The new slight is voted in at our March meeting.

Our first District Meeting is the 21st and the general DTC is the 28th. We will vote the new member in at the district meeting as well. For all intents and purposes we will be starting the next campaign season (Presidential and Representatives).

Wednesday was a long day between work, and the health coach and the Woman’s club meeting. Courtney gave me some exercises to do a couple of times a week and we discussed making better choices with food.

The woman’s club meeting went well. Did get some disturbing news that a major Children’s organization w/d money from our club’s account electronically. Both Dr. T and the treasurer is looking into it. We don’t do things electronically and quite frankly disturbs me as we haven’t dealt with them since 2011.

We discussed The Beth-el Shelter dinner we will be doing in March, the fashion show, and of course Dr. T scheduled the Creative Writing Contest Reception for May.

We got the snow Tuesday into Wednesday. Some areas got the snow early in the day but it started in New Haven around 10 and finished in my area by 2 or 3. The snow stayed on the ground until late last night. We had a snow dusting this morning.

Everyone in the family is doing well. No major catastrophes or health problems.





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