Giving up

Listening to the weather reports for this storm.  It changed again as I mentioned yesterday that probably it would.  At this rate I will do what ever is possible and if it gets bad then so be it.   However the one element  that has been added is coastal flooding along the shorelines.  That means that Oyster River at the end of my street will rise but not too much.  The main road at the other end of my street will be flooded though because it is near the inlet.

I may stop at the store one more time on the way home tonight to get the loaf of bread.  I got English muffins but that won’t be enough and I do have a half loaf of bread but again it won’t be enough.

Work went well low volume of mail allowed me to work on the refund checks with the others.  There were some seats changed around.  One department/team was moving towards the back near me.  One other was moving out to West Campus with the rest of her team.  My Boss left early today.

I was really tired in the morning but I managed to perk up by the end of the day.  I probably got some sleep but it was interrupted a lot.   Both my head and shoulder hurt for awhile but felt better by the end of the day.

I was hoping Chairman Phil would cancel the meeting tonight but it didn’t come to fruition.


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