Monday Musings

Well it was still cold and icy.  i was running late this morning so I defrosted the windshield with the can of de-icer and it fogged up  the windshield.  I was a little annoyed.  Luckily it cleared by the time I got to the highway.  The roads were not bad at all once I could see them!  I think I may have read there is more snow at the end of the week not as big as this past weekend.

Work seemed to have that hectic feel to it.  I didn’t have much mail so that allowed me to finish the refund checks from Friday and work on more that was given to me today.  I learned something fairly new with the epic note system.  I think it was something I should have known when I started too.  Sai Leve!

I got a call early in the afternoon letting me know my grocery delivery would be delayed due to weather.  I had called Roberta earlier in the day to ask her to wait for it for me around 4 so I called her back to let her know.  She called back before 8 to see if it got delivered okay.

The guy who came tonight was the epitome of professionalism.  He came a few minutes early at first he thought he gave one of the items I ordered to a previous customer.  I was already to write it down to make a complaint.  Luckily for him he found it but then was going to give me cereal that I didn’t order.  IT was mislabeled but turned out okay.  I told him about the last couple of sessions.  I think some would feel that I shouldn’t have said anything to him but to the Customer Service department.

I made a folder on the laptop so that I can keep track of the emails but I don’t think I can save them to the laptop.  I don’t know what I am doing wrong but like Liz’s project with the post cards I will keep working on it.  I may have to just do it by copying it to word or something.

I got a lot of good stuff in the mail today.  My official FMLA papers which I have put in the folder to be filed.  I got my new official Stop and Shop card and stuff.  I also got my paperwork from the new credit union I joined including the debit card.  Sigh that could be dangerous in of it self.  For starters trying to activate is a challenge.  I keep pressing the wrong numbers on the key pad for it.  I guess I can do it tomorrow right?

I was talking to my sister this morning and like I said earlier she was trying to make post cards on the computer and it was a challenging for her but she is working on it still.  Anyway we started talking about Baby Alexandra’s party.  I thought it was next week and my sister says its still a long way off.  I was sure it was this coming weekend.  Long story short I was wrong.  When I found out I was wrong I called her back and told her about it.  She got a little silly over it.

This is good news because I still have time to get a little gift for the baby.  It is my attempt at putting some thought into gifts. At least for the children.  I have to see if I have any other familiar birthdays.  Actually I do but that’s for another day.

My brother has been sending some really funny cat lady and pet related videos and articles and some of them are quite funny.  I am not sure who is becoming more of a crazy cat owner him or me.

Livia really did an awesome job on the house today.  She even did the floors.  I don’t know if she does everything the same way every two weeks but you could tell she did something different or in addition too.  As always I will try and keep it up.

Well I actually have to get going the sheets Livia took off my bed need to be washed and I don’t want to start leaving piles of clothes by the laundry area.  I don’t want to have huge piles of laundry to wash come the weekend either.


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