Mid Week Reflection

This week is going by fast as usual.  This time last week we were preparing for the first blizzard of 2016 and for some it is still fresh in their minds while others are already dug out and going on with their lives.     Especially if you have neighbors there with snowblowers.   I think most of the cities had done a good job as long as the residents did as they were asked (move  vehicles and take care of sidewalks and driveways).

Things at home are going well.  I have been managing to get things done.  Last night I did some cooking.  I made two meatloaves and a few hamburgers.   I haven’t tried the meat loaf but as I told Liz she and nelson are the guinea pigs.  The first one clearly has a lot of onions in it.   I am bringing it over after I get home from the Healthcoach.  I have an idea what I want to do with the chicken wings too.  The topping from the meatloaf on the chicken.

My neck doesn’t hurt as much but for the last couple of days my knees, ankles have along with some really uncomfortable Charlie horse in both the back of the knee and the tendons being pulled in and around the feet.  I have been told and I do remember that if I don’t drink enough water this is the result.  I see the health coach at the end of the day.

I have a full day tomorrow with work, and two meetings.  My session with Debra is right after work and then later on in the evening is the DTC.  It has been a few months since we had an actual meeting.  Usually November and December we don’t have the meetings because it usually falls on the holidays.  We will be reviewing last campaign and beginning the 2016 Presidential elections.  As I may have said before in march we install the new DTC.  Its basically the same people and hopefully new additions who are going to be helping get candidates elected to their office(s).  I think we are waiting to see who comes out of the caucuses and the debates and primaries (that I am pretty sure will take place)

The weekend will be partially quiet.  Saturday concentrating on letters and on Sunday is Mexican Train and Bingo of course.


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