Frustrating Moments

Among the many things I was trying to do today was to activate my new Credit union debit card and I think I tried three times and had to take a break from it. I will try again later when I am a little focused.  The other was to gain access to the credit Card site.  Still not there yet.  When I run into roadblocks of any kind I need to step away and breath and regain thoughts and refocus.  I will try again later and be victorious.

I made lamb chops for lunch.  I didn’t realize there was four in them so I cooked them all.  I probably could have put the other two away.  I reasoned they were small in size and would be filling.  Not necessarily the truth. I also couldn’t choose vegetables.  I ended up cooking them up in a skillet w/olive oil and it splattered and I now have a burn.  I had some chips and salsa.

Now I have to think about dinner.  Not for at least a few hours.  I think I may make spaghetti.  I don’t want to order out been doing that way too much this week.

The kitties had been sleeping for a while and got up around 4 and I think went back again.  I know Sky was in the office chair and Tiger was on the bed. 

I talked with Liz late this afternoon.  She had quite the day between doing some chores, going to an early morning meeting and then having the grandkids (Fairfield, Killingworth) over for lunch with one or both of the sets of parents.  When we hung up she was going to take a nap.

I ended up having mini-pizzas for dinner and that’s it for tonight.

I think I better get on the heating pad again.  The neck and head or starting to ache again.


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