It is really cold!

I can feel it even with the heat turned up.  I need to figure out what to do with the windows.  Some of them are really old (not the pulley type old).  They were replaced over the years but now are showing age.  I would have to do one at a time too. Some have suggested that I put the plastic over the windows and tape it.  To me that is just low rent stuff.  I really don’t know the answers yet.  The weather reporters are telling everyone to stay inside if they can.

One of the kitties yakked during the night.  It was/is in the back room.  I am not sure what caused it but I have a pretty good idea (the different kibble I have been trying).  I will keep an eye on them both of them.  Right now Tiger is at my feet grooming herself and I think Sky is sleeping on the office chair in the other room.  He roamed around meowing for something.

The country is honoring the late Chief Justice Anthony Scalia who passed away from natural causes yesterday while in Texas.  It was all over the news and the President even gave a press conference last night.  I have to admit my knowledge of the Supreme court is lacking and (I find it a little boring) his career was unknown to me.  I do feel bad for his family though.  He had lots of kids and many grandkids.  Now the so called fights of who will be appointed and turned down are starting to brew in the media.  I don’t know how that can happen so quickly considering everyone got the news sometime yesterday afternoon. Do they really call each other and start arguing about it?

I am thinking of going over to my Sister’s and BIL before going to bingo.  We will catch up with stuff and talk about stuff that we missed in the last conversation (yesterday).  We will talk about the up coming week I am sure.

I am not exactly looking forward to bingo today. I am pretty sure the girls I emailed yesterday aren’t going to show up and I am going to hear about the rules I reinstated last week.  I think it will be time for me to take another break from this activity.  I would rather be vegging out with the kitties or writing letters and stuff at home then  this crap.


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