Didn’t get that much rest yesterday

When I found the litterbox emptied all over the bathroom I had to clean that and the litterbox.  While trying find the parts to the  vacuum cleaner in the attic Sky got up there.  I eventually got him down and tiger got up while I wasn’t looking.  I figured she was under the bed.  Was I wrong.  She spent a good part of the day and at this point early evening up there.  Sky is there again too.  I couldn’t find them and tried and got anxious.  I decided to let them come down on their own.  They did just before 8 last night.  I ran upstairs and closed the door and planted the chest in front of it.

I needed to do some printing in my old room and they get in there for a while.  Sky came out but I think Tiger stayed there until this morning. They seem okay and roaming around again.

Through all of this I managed to do some stuff like laundry emptying the dishwasher and making dinner and got ready for bed shortly after they were out of their exploration mode.

WE had some sun and some rain and then a little sun setting yesterday and it looks okay from my window but won’t know until I get out there.

I do have to make sure the house is in shape for tomorrow night’s meeting.  I Have had some say they are coming and some not coming.


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