What happened.

No I didn’t really disappear this weekend but  I had some errands to run and by the time I got back home I got tired and wanted to go to bed.

Friday night I had dinner at Ihop with their briosh french toast and hashbrowns and eggs.  All but the french toast was good.  I came to the conclusion that French toast is not that exciting.  In any form.  Pancakes and crepes are what I like.  When I got home I had a long discussion about Lawyers and finances with Liz and it really got me on the defensive.

She wanted to know if I was okay with the bills the house bills and what I consider my private bills (the credit cards).  So she advised me to get one paid completely off an work on the others or at least I told her i would.  All through the conversation she was trying to reassure me she wasn’t judging or criticizing. So we made lists of things that need to be done.    The conversation continued tonight and she feels she is bailing me out.  She doesn’t want me to get angry or resentful.  All the time saying she is not lecturing me unfortunately what she is saying is true.  i get myself in over my head with the credit cards.This could cause problems for me with the house and such.

Saturday morning I got some errands done and I was checking with my insurance agent to get a lower or reduced price on the house insurance but until the house is in my name it can’t be done.  The lease is being held by the lawyer.  Once it is turned over he would cancel the current policy and give me a competitive policy in my name.

Saturday afternoon I was exhausted.  i had lunch and then slept for part of the afternoon.  I did some cooking and then did some cleaning up.  i had to leave a couple of things out of the dishwasher but sent it through and emptied it tonight.  I went to bed fairly early but didn’t sleep until much later.

This morning I woke up with a mean headach.  Not sure if it had to do with one of my pillow cases or the keurigs I was using.  After a post that hawk_soaring mentioned about her keurigs it got me to thinking as well.  I do have one of those cuisinart coffee pots but the measuring is not my forte.

Bingo went well.  We had a full house and two of the girls from the girls club came today.  They did all of the bingo calling which really pleased me.  The hour went by quickly.  After bingo I came home and had an early supper and watched TV.  I also worked on some letters.

I did stop by the post office and found a letter from Pam in OK..will be writing her sometime later this week.
Now going to bed.


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