A Fairly Quiet Sunday

I was awoken very early this morning and tried to stay in bed and was able to stay in bed until 6:30.  I fed the cats and had some hot chocolate and watched TV and then eventually the LOTR trilogy.  That was fun as MS Tiger sat on my lap for a good long time.  I am not so sure where they are at the moment but I am guessing on the bed upstairs sleeping. They probably will be up there until I get back from the afternoon.

I won’t get to see Liz or Nelson today as they should be on their way to Old Saybrook for the CPTV Series Finale party for Downton Abbey.  They will be getting dressed up and enjoying the meals and era and the last episode.  I just sent a text to them and they are half way there now.  They are Stopping at some Cheese Café place to have lunch.  Never heard of it but I would love to go.  Liz says she made reservations at a hotel down the street from the event so that they don’t get so over tired and stuff like that.

I am stopping by Mama Roberta’s after shopping today to drop off the thank you note I got from the Nursing home last month for all the club’s activities in December.  I called Roberta to ask her to bring it to the meeting for me on Wednesday since I won’t be there.  I am also asking her to be my hostess stand in for the meeting.  I was supposed to be one of three hostesses to bring a snack of some sort but I won’t be able to because I will have a Union meeting to go to on Wednesday.


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