I am tired

It seems like I have had a busy and long day.  The first thing I left here around 7:30 (I should know better) I had traffic jam on the highway all the way into New Haven.  I did manage to get to the office a little after 8.  I called both BB and LC to let them know I would be late.  I couldn’t make my mind up to what alternate route I could have taken that would have gotten to work.  I decided to stay on the HW.

My day at work was hectic.  We got more mail and I was unsure for myself as to what to do with it (mostly magazines for the docs).  There was some stuff for us. So from now on I have to go through it all and pull the stuff we work on (attorney mail, reports, documents for the doctors to sign).  I wasn’t even able to finish the work I was doing.  I really thought we would get it every other day but it seems like we are getting it every day.  Now that I got the final word from my ADMIN I feel much better about it.

I talked with Liz today after I found a deposit that I got from Chase and I had forgotten it was the points earned from cc.  I am expecting another one that will be going to the credit union.  We also discussed one other bill that I could get paid and for now and I will be set until the direct deposit kicks in.   Liz an I are planning on getting together perhaps on Saturday do more with setting up the automatic withdrawal.

I was home just after 4:30 and Sky came down and greeted me while Tiger stayed up on my bed.  I did come up to see her until after I had dinner.  She came down after awhile.

I had pork chops and it was good.  Probably could cook it a little bit longer.  It wasn’t completely pink so don’t worry.  I also went through and entire jar of Strawberry Jam.  That I just got on Sunday.

I did some more laundry and folded the sheets I put in last night and put the dishwasher through.  I will empty it tomorrow.

For now I am going to bed…


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