My long weekend is over

Well My Long Holiday weekend is over and I am glad I took the days off.  I may not have gotten everything done that I wanted to but I got to do some relaxing and spending time with family.  The Week ahead will prove to be hectic and busy.

Work for me will be getting back into routine again.  I would usually say there will be surmountable piles of mail waiting for me but with the revisions and changes that have taken place over the last several weeks.  I am pretty sure both GA and Janet both had it well in hand.  I have customer service training class on Wednesday afternoon so that will cut into whatever work I may have on my desk.  Thursday will also be a short day as I have my Benlysta infusion on Thursday.

The only major medical appointment I have this week is the Benlysta infusion.  It is on Thursday and that’s the same day as Debra.  I am not sure I want to go back into New Haven for the appointment.  Actually I wouldn’t get out until 4.  I need to call Debra and re-schedule t the appointment.

I still haven’t heard from Dr. T about the girls night out date but neither has she replied about the Beth El Shelter dinner.  That’s either on Wednesday or Thursday.  We have been doing this activity for the Homeless shelter for oh I would say as long as we have been in existence.  I am the one usually making the set up call as i did this year but I never made the follow up call to confirm the date.  *bites lip hard*.

Chairman Phil sent out an email blast tonight asking for delegate volunteers for the 117th.  I don’t know if I am even in that district anymore (since the redistricting) It will be in May and on a Tuesday night this should be fun.  I guess I will have to go from work.  The DTC is this Thursday and we will get updates on the conventions and have the new Town Committee sworn in.

Liz stopped by  yesterday afternoon to bring me this lovely item:

It is to replace the one I broke yesterday,  She says she is still working on that one but to not break this one.  While she was here we worked on the bills that I got today.  They were not that big and can be part of the already scheduled.

OMG the wind tonight is intense.  I have heard it knock over the garbage cans a few times and it shook the house a few minutes ago and making really crazy sounds in the windows.  At least the rain stopped.

Dinner was pork chops.  i had two with corn.  The other one I am thinking of putting in the salad fixings I have and bring it to work with me and have it for lunch.

The kitties Slept for most of the day.   Sky was funny for the second time this week he got into my Vera  wang overnight bag and sat in it.  I tried to get a picture of it but to no avail.  Then he curled up at the foot of the bed and eventually Tiger did as well..

I actually have to get the CPAP machine set up for the night and get ready for bed.


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