Mid Week Reflection

The Biggest thing this week has been the weather.  It went through the gambit of sun, rain, snow, sleet and for some it made driving and traveling a challenge.  I survived though.  The rest of the week promises to continue that challenge.

Last week brought the infusion, volunteering, and family time. It was fun, and some level made me feel good to bring some enjoyment to the seniors that we did the fashion show for.  We had the DTC meeting on Thursday and the seating of the new committee.

This week brings lots of work related things and two excellent activities this weekend.  On Saturday I meet Siduri for the first time in person we are planning on going to a museum and have lunch.  I have been following Siduri’s Blog now for quite some time and I am really looking forward.

On Sunday is my friend Debbie and Stan’s wedding in Meriden.  It starts at 12:30 so Mama and Papa R will be picking me up around 11:30.  It will be my first time in a Synagogue.  It should be a lot of fun.

I am starting to formalize my vacation to North Carolina in June/July.  My sister and I were looking at flights and train stuff this week.  Flying may be an option.  I am really looking.  I just have to decide who will take care of Sky and Tiger that week.


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