What a lovely way to end the day

I come in the door and the cats were upstairs I look on the counter and see two carpenter ants doing who knows what.  I cleaned that up and proceeded to open the windows in the kitchen and in the back hall  when what do my wandering eyes find?  a Huge pile of kittie poop on a pillow on the floor.  I am not sure how long it was there or who of the two did it (they both could have done it) but that prompted my to chastise the culprits and immediately cleaned out the litterbox in the bathroom.  It didn’t take long and I managed to get some bleach splattered on my gray pants (Bad Advertising Clorox!  Your bleach does splatter).  After I was done with it I made peace with Tiger.  I am pretty sure it was her.  To be clear?  I clean out the kittie poo from the boxes daily.  I will clean out the other litterbox in the upstairs bathroom tomorrow.

I have a few things I am going to do right now as I relax.  I have Star Trek:The Next Gen on in the background and shortly will have Hercules on and I will be writing up notes and letters for the rest of the night.  Now Sky is walking over the keyboard so I best go and pay attention to him.


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