Saturday Doings

It is a beautiful morning here in Casa Kitty land.  The sun is shining but I don’t know the temperature outside in here its 65 and chilly not uncomfortable though.  I was woken up by the furry alarm clock and did my daily constitutional.  I was a tad paranoid as to what i would find in the back room or for that matter anywhere and they did their constitution where they should have.  After I fed them I went back and laid down for about an hour and half.  The kitties settled down on the couches Tiger on my lap and Sky on the love seat.  Now I think they are out in the back room sunning themselves.

I am waiting for the Peapod to arrive.  I scheduled it between 8 and 10 am and I haven’t had a notification they are on their way yet.  I had a terrible thought that maybe they didn’t use the debit card visa I added and they used the other ones? So I checked it out and everything is fine.

I am expecting Mama Roberta and Papa Mike to be here some time today so we can measure the furniture and area and take care of the timer.

Woodmont Fire Company Tag Sale is happening today.  I am not sure why or what it is.  I guess to raise funds for the Volunteer Fire Company that is no longer in existence.

Then the rest of the day is MINE.


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