Mid-Week Reflection

It has been kind of hard for me to write this week.  There are times I try and write while at work but the last couple of days have been busy with my daily routine.  By the time I get home I am tired and by the time I get to bed I just don’t feel like writing.  As it is I should be getting ready for work.

The end of last week brought the 4th District to my house and it went well and lasted until 9:30.  We basically talked about things going on in town and the upcoming conventions starting in May.  None It looks like I am attending which is good because things look like they are going to be busy the first weeks of May anyway.

Friday my “new” furniture came by way of my sister and her friends.  According to them it was incredibly heavy and they moved my old stuff into the garage.  Saturday my sister and I cleaned the new stuff and rearranged it and it looks great.  It is very comfortable and the kitties seem to like.  They haven’t tried scratching it but I have also gotten some scratching deterrent that will work.

My brother came up for a one day visit.  He got here just in time for us to finish up the cleaning.  We had lunch together and then his afternoon was filled with visiting friends and dinner with some of them as well.  Sunday he did some stuff and then stopped home for his things and took off for home.  He will be home in late May for the Scholarship presentation.

Sunday I went out and started preparations for a new storm door.  I got it from Home Depot and someone will be out next week to measure the old door and doorway to and then we will order the one I want.  This one has a self-storing screen which is much better than the one now.  You have to take out the inserts and struggle with them every time the season changes.

The rest of the week I have a meeting tonight and I am not sure but I think I have a Benlysta infusion tomorrow.  The rest of the weekend is quiet.

I haven’t seen hide or hair of the Tabby I mentioned last weekend.  The last time we saw him was Sunday Morning.  My hope is he went back to his forever home.

Now I do have to get ready for work.


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