Monday Musings

For the Second day in a row and the second day of May 2016 it is still very raw out and not very comfortable.  In New Haven it was closer to 50 degrees and it was mid 40’s in Milford.  I don’t remember what kind of weather we had last year or in years past at this time but when you think of the month of May you think of sunny and warm days.  Well it will kick in next weekend from what I read.

My Sunday was a little lazy in the morning.  I did pepper it with a little bit of cleaning the old bed room.  Still have more to do and probably will do it over the next few days.  In the afternoon I went to bingo and had a good session despite a few of the residents who continue to talk as others are checking their winning card.

After bingo I spent about an hour with Liz and Nelson.  I had given her all the catalogs that came to the house in the mail over the last couple of weeks and we went through them and I took back a few coupons.  I also admired her brand new stackable Kenmore Washer and Dryer and it looks very pretty.  We talked about our health, and activities and the whole Lawyer visit next week.  When I left I promised to get her a waste basket from Christmas tree shop so that’s what I am doing when I leave here today.  After my visit I made a few stops before going home.

The first stop is to the new restaurant by the highway.  It was pretty good and a little on the pricey side.  I had the chips and variety of salsa and for the main entre I had three tacos with rice and beans.  It came to about $16.  I ran into an old bowling buddy name Chris.  I didn’t talk to him until I was finishing up because well as I wasn’t sure but noticed his expressions and knew it.  So we chatted for a bit with his companion.  After I left I headed to the Bed Bath and beyond.

That’s where I bought more of my k-pods for the Keurig. My BIL suggested I go there instead of The Christmas Tree shop because it had more variety.  I saved about $6.  I headed home after that.

For the rest of the night I just vegged out did some laundry and set the dishwasher going.  I will empty it when I get home tonight.   I went to bed around 10 or 11 and for the second night in a row I didn’t wear the CPAP.  I preferred to cuddle with Sky.

I did talk to Mama R yesterday it would seem they all got sick during their time in LV and Denver.  They also had to contend with snow and 30 degree temperatures.  I don’t know if they are snowed in or if they will be able to get home by the end of the week or not.

Livia came to clean today.  She always does a great job.  I just have to make sure I keep it up especially since the Lawyer man is coming early Saturday morning

I spent the better part of the morning working on the EOB’s and refund checks and going back to sorting and batching the EOBs after lunch.  I put in $5 for the collection for Mama Joanie today.  It would be great if many people contributed since she is struggling.

I may be doing the scanning closer to the end of the week as my access to certain program hasn’t been updated.  I will just have to wait and see.  My Team lead is on vacation this week and my Supervisor will be taking the latter half of the week off.

Well I better get back to work.  The next entry I will be catching up on my alma Maters from HS, and College…


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