miserable day

I was a couple of minutes late for work today and about five minutes after that we got word there was a Human Resources meeting.  Luckily it wasn’t just for me but it was worrisome because it was about Lay-offs.  I made a couple of mistakes while inputting information for the refund checks.   It was basically a follow up and their seeking “help” from us and to update.

For the first time in many months there were only two of us in the aisle and the supervisor.  It is an issue for the management as well.  It’s one of many things that is a concern for them.  By 3:15 I was the only one in the aisle.  It was very weird.

In my last entry I mentioned my Alma Maters.  I received an email from the President of Endicott College in Beverly MA on the heels of the tragic accident of a student who was killed.  Sadly he was the passenger and the driver it was drunk driving and in the email President gave high praises to the Endicott community coming together in strength.  Grief counselors were there this week.

Linden Hall was the Host of the annual Reunion Weekend.  Several alumni posted to Facebook videos on the chapel vespers.  THere were also pictures  of two of my Classmates with administrator P Sullivan.  She looks great and she has been a mentor and supporter of all of the women who walked through the halls of Linden Hall.  There were the dinners and reunions throughout the weekend.  I wish I had been able to go but it wasn’t feasible.

Live Oaks Alumni group received an announcement that a wonderful music teacher Martha Mahoney passed away in upstate CT.  I do remember her and I have met up with her recently at some function. I think it may have even been at the Creative Writing contest the club sponsors.

The only news I get about Southern Connecticut State University seems to be their sports program.  I guess I will have to keep looking.

The latest news from Foran is how two sisters are leading fundraisers ot raise money to help prevent drug abuse in the milford youth.  They lost a sister when she OD’d on Heroin.

My arm is hurting tonight so I haven’t done much of the cleaning out of the bedroom.  I still have a couple of nights to do them.

In the meantime I need to go to bed…


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