What A Day

It was cold damp all day and raining I am sure.  It didn’t start to rain until I left for home after the rally.
I was keeping busy with the refund checks for most of the day and picked up the mail at one point but the mail volume was low and we didn’t get a lot of NEMG and I was reminded that it will be gone eventually since we won’t have a contract with them by the fall.  This will open things up for me I am thinking.
For lunch I had a steak fajita wrap in honor of Cinco de Mayo.  It was very good but it was also the third or fourth time I had ordered lunch this week.  I was feeling I wasn’t doing well with the budget when in fact I really am.  I almost had dinner at Lucky Dragon until they screwed up the order.  I will not be going there again.  When she took my order she rushed me off the phone without confirming what I had.  When I arrived there tonight she had an extra thing and she got it all wrong.  I finally said cancel the order and left but not before I turned as said I was complaining to the better business bureau and that she should have not rushed me off the phone so quickly and got a confirmation.  She just waved me off.  Well I am here to tell you she isn’t getting my business again.
A few of us were to take a bus at quarter of five to the Harkness Lawns for the rally.  Well Lee-Ann, Toni, Barbara, and I went down and waited.  It never came so we had to take a Yale Shuttle that was heading to Cedar Street.  We had to walk from College down to where everyone was meeting.  We gathered and was given refreshments and then instructions were we marched down to South Frontage road up to College where we were waiting for Central Campus members.  I also later found out my friend Tina was there but I didn’t get to see her.  That was just about the Time Lee and Toni and I headed out.  It was 5:30 –quarter of six by then and I was tired.  I wanted to get home.  I made the call to the restaurant then.  The ride home seemed long but I eventually made it.  Went to the restaurant but left empty handed.  I came home to my babes.
They wanted to go downstairs and I let them but they didn’t stay long.  I put a frozen dinner in and did some other things.  I ended up watching TV and vegging out.  I did manage to empty out my pocketbook and bag.  Still didn’t work on the bedroom and or ledger.  Too tired.
Now that it is nearly midnight the kitties are at my feet.  I am going to put the mask on and use the sleep machine.  I didn’t have it on very long last night.  
Good night.


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