Saturday Doings

The one morning I was expecting Peapod to come early It didn’t happen. I scheduled a delivery between 6 and 8 so that I could have it put all away before Lawyer Bob and company arrived. It came just about 8 and of course it was put away in time.

I tried to pick up more stuff here and there but the rest is just enough. I couldn’t nor would I do anymore. If no one liked it tough. I am not moving right now so it doesn’t matter.   I did open some windows to air out the house so was rather cold.

Everyone arrived around 9 and we shortly after that we started on the “tour”. First off they wanted smoke and CO2 detectors by the end of the day. They said the railings, would be done. He would take care of a wire in the dryer leading downstairs. They did recommend a security service as well.

They left a couple of hours later and Liz checked out the puddling of the refrigerator. I think I need to clean out more of it myself. There is a few things I need to do. I took out more stuff from the freezer downstairs. That needs to be defrosted and cleaned out. We also looked over the finances.

We went to Lowes and picked up a few things it was over $300. I got some garbage bags and a new Mop as well and the alarms.  Then we went back to the house and had lunch with Adam, Olga and their kids. After a while they left and then we came back here. Liz fixed the light in the bathroom (it blew out the night before) and then we reviewed the bill (we also took care of putting some stuff on surge protectors)

Liz left and I laid down and watched TV and then had an early dinner and then started feeling lousy.   I came upstairs and to bed and next thing was vomiting. I fell asleep for the night.


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