Mid Week Reflection

Have had a hard time finding time to write in the last few days.  I have either been too busy, too tired, you name it-it’s been one thing or another.  I am not sure this week will be conducive to writing much either.

Mother’s Day weekend was a rainy one for most of the weekend.  My Lawyer and his contractor came over to take a look (not really inspect-actually it is that) and my sister and I spent a good two hours picking some stuff up at Lowes.  We had lunch together and then I came home and the rest of the night I was sick.

Mother’s Day was quiet until I had dinner with Liz and her family.  I did get a chance to talk to my brother earlier in the day and then at night was basically getting ready for the week.  I went to bed fairly early too.

Monday was our woman’s club dinner/meeting as we said our final goodbyes to Roberta.  I gave a speech and the two of us were crying.  As we were leaving JV didn’t see us and backed his truck into my car.  We have to make arrangements to have him pull out the dent for me.

Tuesday was half day at work for me as I had to have three cavities filled and that took almost until 11.  He talked about having mercury in the band or the filling but I didn’t even think about it until later on.  Could that really have an adverse effect on me?

The New storm door has been ordered (it actually was in stock) and will be installed on the 19th of this month.  I have taken the whole day off from work that day.  My BIL says they do a good job at installing and they will only take an hour or so to do it.  In the next few weeks the window will be delivered and installed.

The guy who came to look over the house this past weekend will be coming buy to install the smoke/CO2 detectors, and the railings and few other things.  Liz asked me about it today when we played telephone tag.  I hadn’t heard from him and of course if he tried today he would get a voice message.  I just have to make sure the house is in somewhat decent shape.

I am starting to put out a few things for the bulk pickup for next Monday.  My nephews will be over on Thursday to take the Stuff out of the garage and put it out front for me.

The kitties have been pretty good.  I noticed Tiger is shedding a lot.  I am not sure why.  I have been giving them new friskie flavors (that I am grateful we as humans don’t have to eat).  They have been both very vocal at getting my attention too.  One day I literally picked Tiger up twice.  She wasn’t having it at all.  She avoided m two times after that.    I think she has been going under the new sofa recliner to sleep and hang out.

The tabby hasn’t shown up in over a week and half.  I am very relieved because I sure didn’t want to take it to the shelter.  I can only imagine what the consequences would be.

Well I have to finish my work and then head home.  I am really not feeling well again and I am pretty sure its because of the meds I haven’t been taking and some of the food I have been eating,.




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