Mid Week Reflection

Monday I met with my new landscaper and he can do the things that Lawn Guy Bob can do for almost half the price. So Lawn Guy Bob is out as of Monday. He was very understanding and says I can call him back if it doesn’t go well (I told him I was having a nephew do the work). Even though he was an hour late for the meeting.

I am in the process of changing oil companies and going with my Sister’s suggestion. The Company I have now has a service Contract that is going $300 and change while the other one is like 1/3 of the price. I will have to make those calls today as they were closed at 4 yesterday.

The DTC meeting was moved this week for a convention at City Hall. I just was too tired so I didn’t go. I hope it went well.

Work went well. Monday was busy as I had gone in late because of my dentist appointment that morning. I was afraid that I wouldn’t have a parking spot because of the Yale graduation but I was wrong. Every year I think we will have a hectic traffic but it wasn’t bad. Even though the next block from my office was closed to traffic. We only saw the graduates at the end of the day as they were leaving from their various parties.

The rest of the week has only two events before the weekend begins. My infusion and the scholarship presentation on Thursday. I do have to pick up Liz at 6 to be there for the presentation. There is a reception beforehand but we don’t want to go.

We have a long weekend coming up as its Memorial Day I am looking forward to it. I am planning on having fairly quiet one I am hoping to do some clothes shopping and I am going to convince my sister to come with me.

She irritated me earlier this week but it is done with for now. She was over doing the whole Mom thing (nagging at me) about doing things around the house, my hair, my clothes, me taking too much time off from work. I hope I set her straight about work. Of course this conversation will come up again as most conversations do with her.



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