Today would be the day I arrive five to ten minutes late! Not a good way to start the day and it is real important that I don’t do this.  Considering the atmosphere around here.  They are clamping down on the unscheduled absences and tardiness and anything else.  That could be Sis’s concern but I just have to tell her that most of the time I take off is fine as long as it’s already scheduled.

I was under this misconception today since Yale had the graduation that traffic into the city would be light.  Man was I wrong.  There was still traffic but not to the extent as it was.  Again it also all depends on what time I leave the house.  I actually do this every year.  It is not like the city will come to a complete a total desertion.  There will still be visitors and tourists, concerts, sporting events and of course the various holidays. I am also pretty sure the unions will be doing marches and stuff like that throughout the city.

For some reason the insurance company returned my check to my account.  I had the insurance agent check it out and they couldn’t see anything indicating I paid for it.  So now I have to zip on into Milford Center and pay it then.  I could have done it over the phone but I didn’t think I had the info they wanted (my checking account and routing number) yet I forgot my checkbook was right in front of me with that information.

Finally got my State tax refund today.  I was contemplating on paying bills with It but decided to build up the savings account with it.  I am not sure what the holdup was for it but I am glad I have it now.

Sis and I are going shopping on Saturday.  I convinced her to come with me but she doesn’t like it.


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