Thankful Thursday

1.            I am thankful for my family warts and all.

2.            I am thankful for my friends.

3.            I am thankful for my neighbors

4.            I am thankful for my job and co-workers who are my extended family

5.            I am thankful for the Medical profession who are taking care of my health.

6.            I am thankful for the organizations I am a part of that keep me busy.

7.            I am thankful for the weather

8.            I am thankful for my home.

9              I am thankful for my kitties.


We got word late yesterday afternoon that one of my Aunt’s passed away.  She was married to my Mom’s older Brother and was not well.  My Cousin Lee is heartbroken.  I don’t know the arrangements yet but once his sister comes in tomorrow from Florida I am sure they will deal with all that.  I don’t know if I can go to NJ for the services or not.

It has been nearly a week now that Mama R and Papa M have left for NC.  They arrived safely sometime last Friday and have been settling in.  The last time I spoke with them they were just awaiting their new washer and Dryer.  I am really looking forward to my visit in July.

The weather has been beautiful and will continue to be that way for the next few days.  I have heard there will be some showers and rain events but it is only natural for this time of year.

I love my new storm door that I got last weekend and I am waiting for the new window to arrive sometime soon.  I will probably ask my sister when I see her later this afternoon for the scholarship presentation. 

The kitties are both sleeping as I write this.  They made sure I was up at the crack of dawn to feed them too.  I have to say I am getting a little paranoid when I think about the articles I read from PetMD and all the other “cat related” sites about different things like the worst ways to break you kitty spirit by throwing them off the counter.  Well I wouldn’t do that but there was another one about having windows up and making sure they don’t fall out of them.  I need to be worried about that all day at work.



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