I was so tired yesterday

I was so tired that I nearly fell asleep a few times at my desk.  I also said things that shouldn’t have been said (I actually hurt Guardian Angel/gargoyles feelings) and I had to apologize but I just need to “hold my counsel” as Mom would say over the years.

I have decided that I won’t be going to Aunt S’s funeral and wake which is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday.  When I looked for hotels there didn’t seem to be any but when I looked at an email after chatting with Liz about arrangements there are a number of them.  The reason basically is I would have to choose either the wake or the service and not include the burial which is close to an hour further away. Liz offered to share a room which she rarely does.  I also have a doctor’s appointment and the other scholarship presentation to make.

Jim is going to make it to the wake at least and all of us will split the cost on flowers.  He wasn’t sure about the funeral but he hasn’t mentioned about coming up here for the scholarship presentation.  I hope he doesn’t change his mind.  I just felt that I couldn’t not be at the presentation and Liz agreed.  She also felt that all that travel would be exhausting for me.

Last night was fairly quiet.  I did some laundry and watched TV and went to bed.  I was hoping to get some letter writing done but it didn’t happen.

Today was fairly quiet Peapod came around 1 pm.  I chatted with Neighbor Don to ask him about the hose (I didn’t see them downstairs) so I attached one to the spicket outside.  Lawn Guy Tim was supposed to come but called and said it couldn’t make it.  He should be here around 10:30 tomorrow.  I will go to Lowes tomorrow and get the new sprinkler then.

Liz did invite me for pork dinner but when she called I was making homemade Boboli pizza.  I decided to just sit here and watch the NCIS marathon, and PBS, and all the other regular shows.


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