Mid Week Reflection

Having a short work doesn’t mean much considering it seems so long.  I still have a lot to do this week.  They include doctor’s appointments, the scholarship presentation, and more shopping next weekend, and of course several birthdays.

The new window is going to be put in tomorrow morning.  BIL will be here to supervise the job.  He says he trust the guy implicitly.  So I have no worries about that. 

I am wondering when the Guy we had inspect the house a while back hasn’t called maybe I should be calling him?  I guess I can wait until Liz gets home from NJ.

Sis went to NJ this morning via train.  She was already there by Lunchtime (noonish) and was settling in before going to the wake.  She needed to rest and then dress for it.  We spoke via text just about then.  It was just about then we heard from Jim.  He wasn’t sure he would make it to the wake after all because he had to work late.  This doesn’t bode well for his visit here.  I had this nagging feeling he wouldn’t be coming after all.

The Memorial Day holiday came and went quickly.  It rained during the night and by daybreak was just clouds and humid.  Sis and decided to meet at the mall to do some shopping (for me) and we would meet at Macy’s.  I got there on time and a literally a few minutes later Sis arrived.  We spend nearly 2 hours shopping and managed to get some nice stuff for over $200.  Saved about $30.  We decided to get something to drink.  Liz thought we would get something close by but we were on the wrong level and I took her to the food court.  Along the way we stopped at some shops.  One would be closing in a month and the others were very nice.  We finally made it to Johnny Rockets.  We each had French fries and a drink.  Do you know it came to $14???? Now I know why I don’t go to the mall much.

Tonight I am watching the Star Trek Double Feature on FX tonight and then going to bed.  I really  need write letters and get to those mailed.




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