As expected

As I had expected mid-week and the end of last week was incredibly busy and exhausting.

Wednesday was my eye doctor appointment and the last of the two scholarship presentations. The Eye Doctor Appointment went very well and no eye diseases. My next one is in 6 months.

Jim came up for the presentation but on the way here got stuck in traffic and got here around 5:30. He had a short time to relax before we left for the presentation. While he relaxed I got ready and we left by 6.

We got there on time and sat down. He was anxious to make sure someone knew we were there. I figured they would see us when they invited us up but he persisted and spoke to the principal and so they spoke and he sat down. We listened to two of the seniors playing music. Eventually the choir, and the rest of the students arrived and the dignitaries all came in and sat down. We went through a few speeches and some presentations and eventually it was our turn. I can’t begin to say who the recipients were for Mom’s scholarship but it was all very quickly. After one more presentation we left-I would like to say inconspicuously but I am pretty sure everyone saw it.

We went to Rainbow Gardens for dinner and we had a nice evening. We ate outside and had a humus appetizer and we both had something different. Mine was shrimp and penne pasta. It was nearly 9 when we left and shortly got home. When we got home we got ready for bed. We chatted and Jim thanked me for having him come up and he enjoyed the presentation. We talked about things that are coming up. He left Thursday morning but not before getting rid of a dead mouse the cats left me in my bedroom.

Thursday was no slouch either. Liz came by to let her friend Lenny come and install the new window we ordered weeks ago. It really looks beautiful and I will get a picture very soon.

Thursday was a short day work wise as I had a late afternoon cardiologist and if any of you follow me on Facebook (cough* help yourself cough*) you will see we had some excitement. A fire erupted in the flower garden/mulch outside the building and quickly spread. When it came time for my BP to be checked it was incredibly high. Gee wonder why? By the time I left it went down but still not enough. He wants to see me in December and then after that yearly. He seems to think I won’t be needing the FMLA eventually. I don’t think Dr. S would agree much.

We finally got an update regarding the move. Plans to move ahead will begin in the fall to 350 George Street (basically two doors down from where we are now) and it looks like we will be moving in over the Christmas Recess.

Friday was a sad day for us as we found out that our co-worker Toni lost her teenage niece to brain cancer. The obituary appeared in today’s paper and the services are mid-week next week. I am going to go to the wake. Obviously Toni took it very hard.

We also had an early morning presentation regarding-well I am not really sure what it was but it did include Emergency Preparedness like those that happened in California last month and in the past. The video was “interesting” but the other part I found to be boring and some of the programs they do offer for employees are not feasible for me. I am sure Tina knows what I am referring to.

I was relieved that both Thursday and Friday nights were nights to relax. I had gotten a lovely phone call from Mama Roberta and we talked for nearly 30 minutes on Thursday. Friday night after getting a wonderful call from Liz and hellos from her visiting grandchildren and invite for Breakfast this morning I ended up going to bed.

This morning I got up early and got ready for breakfast at my sister’s. Apparently I was to arrive at 8:30 but I got there early. When I arrived Liz was just making her coffee and we sat outside while the others slept. My Nephew R arrived and chatted and then everyone else began to rise. We finally ate around 9 or so and over the next few hours we talked and visited and then the men folk (sans N) had to go to work. Cousin De came and so I ended up staying until Noon. That completely changed my plans for a visit to Wal*Mart today. I still had laundry to do and other stuff I am trying to motivate myself to do.

The kitties have been pretty funny and brave.   On Wednesday they were very cautious around Jim but they were accepting of him. They walked in his room a few times and just walked out again. OH and they brought me a mouse. It was on my floor-bedroom floor. Like I mentioned Jim handled it before left for home. They have been playful to the point where Tiger has had to set Sky straight. She was hissing at him this morning. Something spooked them from the cedar chest sleeping spots and they took off in different directions. Sky ran across the dresser closest to him and nearly knocked things off. Nothing was broken just needed to be straightened. Now they are just hanging out downstairs. I notice she tried to come up but turned around and left.

The weather has been so beautiful during the day and rather chilly almost every night. It was in the 60’s for a couple of nights tonight is a bit warmer but it is going to drop as we are supposed to get rain starting tonight and all day tomorrow. I am going to leave most of the windows open unless the rain comes in.

Finally my Sympathies to the family Friends, colleagues, and fans of Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali. The sports legend died yesterday at the age of 74. He had been hospitalized earlier in the week for respiratory failure and COD was Septic shock from natural causes. The sports channels focused on him mostly and his town of Louisville KY had a service for him and have the city flags at half-staff. My sister was put out by that because it widely believed that is only for heroes. She acknowledged he was a great sports legend but not always very nice. I am pretty sure I am not the only who has blogged about it either.

I think I am going to surf some more and then get ready for bed.


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