It’s a chilly Sunday Morning

It is the kind of morning you stay in bed.  According to the weather report at it is 65 degrees but feels like 63.  I can vouch for that.  As I said yesterday it’s been like that a few nights this past week. 

I tried to stay in bed and succeeded on some levels until 6 then the morning chorus of meows persisted.  I got up and did my normal daily constitution of bathroom, litterboxes, and feeding.  I also went to lie down and watched TV for a little bit and then by 7 started watching LOTR.  I did some surfing as well. 

The peapod delivery guy came to the door just after 8 and found me dozing.  That’s really unnerving.  I am really glad I was dressed.  I can only imagine what I looked like.  I got almost everything I ordered except the steaks.  That will have to be on the next order.  I do have to do something with the chicken today.  I actually have to start using the stuff I froze already.

Kitten 1 and kitten 2 are both sleeping.  I found sky in his spot under the spring mattress.  I am not sure where Tiger is but my gut tells me under the other sofa recliner.  I did check the spare room but didn’t see her.  I got some new cat food for them today let’s hope they like this stuff.  I have to start writing down the stuff they like.  They certainly don’t like the pate types. 

Well the laptop needs to get recharged so I am going to do that and go back to the LOTR trilogy.  I won’t be watching too much of PBS this weekend as it’s the early spring/summer fundraising again.

Finally and most importantly Thank you to all those who have stopped by and visited with me please come back anytime.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on some of the things I have written.


2 thoughts on “It’s a chilly Sunday Morning

  1. Actually I do too. I have to admit I did have to leave it a few times because I had to run bingo games and I was tired. The Return of the king is on now. After that the two Hobbit movies are on.

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