MOnday Musings

The temperatures were in the mid 70’s by early morning.  It really was beautiful but I already have the fan on in my cubicle.  It’s the first time since the season started that I have put it on at work.  Of course you know I have had it on at home a few times in the last couple of weeks.  However it is not going to be warm later on the week. : P

I gave the kittens some new version (new to us) of Friskies and I think they liked it.  It looked like most if it was gone by the time I left this morning.  I think it was the Prime filets with gravy.  They have been weird with their affection lately.  One minute they rub up against my legs for attention or in Sky’s case drops in on me at bed time the next they are playing hard to get.

I met the newest members of Grove Street of course ask me the lady’s name? Don’t know!  What were her fur babies’ names?  Augie and Bo.  Anyway we made tentative plans to fully meet after I got home tonight but that didn’t work because I ended up spending time at Liz’s house.

Work went well.  Busy for Monday.  No major disruptions.  No updates to report.  The collection flyer went around for Toni’s niece and I will be contributing to that later on this week.

Getting home was challenge.  Long Wharf was surprisingly heavier than normal even for a Monday.  Then it cleared up until I got to Milford.   I arrived to Sis’s just about the same time as C&J.  They were picking up his kids for the night and then while there made plans for Sis’s birthday tomorrow.  After everyone left I headed home.

I was too tired to cook or nuke anything so I stopped at Adams and picked up Chicken from the hot bar.  Trying to rationalize this to myself as I have chicken in the freezer.

Getting tired so now I am heading to bed…



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