Monday Musings

Let’s see if I can actually finish this one by the end of the day! It was quite chilly this morning and breezy.  The kitties seemed hungry so at 5:30 I got up and fed them and took care of the litterboxes.  One seemed cleaner than the other and that worries me sometimes.

Sky was rather vocal this morning to get down into the cellar I was reluctant at first but I eventually caved (think what you want).  Of course they both went down and came back up a short time later.  When I left today couldn’t find Sky my hope is he went under the bed.  Tiger was just sitting in the back.

New Lawn Guy is coming today to work on the yard.  Probably the reseeding and the mulching. I am hoping the projects will get finished today but I am not sure exactly if that’s going to happen.  Once that is done then I can start to water it on a daily basis.

Work was unexpectedly busy with lots of campus mail.  I have been opening and sorting the mail for the morning.  It’s a good thing because when I checked at nine there were no refund checks to work on.  It lasted (the opening and sorting of mail) until about 2.

Gargoyle was annoying me this morning.  She was really not listening to me when I explained why the fed ex was still on my desk.  She reminded twice to not “chit-chat with anyone”.  Also a few other people were annoying me when they didn’t like the way my hair looked this morning.  Fine come to my house and style it for me then.

Administration is having a mockup of our new work stations built in the admin lobby and we will be given an opportunity to give our input for it.  We should be getting an email in the next few days or so.  This should be very interesting.

Talked with Liz this morning she is fine both she and Nelson had a lovely time yesterday but were both very overtired and so were going to keep it low keep even though the kids were coming for a little while.   It seems the two weeks for SC kids vacation is quickly coming to an end.  They will be spending three days starting Wednesday with their Father before he takes them back to Fort Mills.  My hope and wish is that we can see them again really soon.

She sent me pictures that she took of the kids and the events they went to this weekend and they looked great.  I will put them in my journal folder on the hard drive.

I think I will just have a salad for dinner tonight.  Especially after the way I went through most of the cheese this weekend.  I am thinking of cooking something for tomorrow at least.


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