Saturday Doings

You would think only a few days out I would be racing around doing a whole of shopping and preparing for what I am touting as a big trip but I am not.  I did some laundry going, the lawn already watered, some other chores done but that’s it.  I watched the L&O marathon from season 20 (now) and surfing the net until 10 when NCIS began.

Work was busy as I have been saying and managed to get a lot done and now just have a few days left to make sure everything is done.  Granted it will probably be built up by the time I come back.  GA and Janet will be covering it as much as possible.

There hasn’t been many updates regarding “Jocelyn” but I noticed that the NY TV station included her last name in their update on her condition.  I can’t say if our own media let it go through or not but this is making me uncomfortable.

My cousin Carol is back in the hospital again.  Lots going on with her.  It’s kind of scary.  Like I have said she has a multitude of health issues.   I think it’s the second time this month.  I sent her a e-card and she already got it this morning.

I talked with Liz this morning she was out doing her Morning routine and going home to see her family who was working on tree trimming so nothing falls on her car.  She has other activities tomorrow so I won’t be seeing much of her this weekend but since I have Wednesday off I will stop and see her.

I haven’t heard from Jim since yesterday.  I did send some texts this morning.  Liz asked about him too and for some reason my alarm bells started going off.  I hope he is okay.  Well good news while I was away from the Laptop I got 4 messages from him…All animal related videos.  So he must be fine.

The mail came just before 1 and I got my car tax bill.  I am surprised to see no house tax.  Hopefully it will be here by Monday.  It is due on July 1 but we have up to a month to pay.

I worked on some letters in the afternoon. 


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