My First Day Back

Yesterday was incredibly busy and sad.  First a few people in my aisle let me know that one or both of the people that were supposed to be doing my job did nothing.  So the previous post with the pictures is what I was left with.  One person I talked with said “they” just reorganized and kept straightening my desk.  I just kept thinking not my job to worry about who was going to do my work. Although I am glad they did because I would find out later that Mama Joanie is retiring from the Dept.  As a matter of fact all three scanners were given their layoff notices last week.  According to JanetN it came out of Left “F” Field. They were expecting to find out later this month.  Janet will be paid for every year she has worked at the University and then retire.  She is still shocked but is acquiescent because now she can stay home and take care of her mother.  I called Mama Joanie and arranged to get together this weekend with her.  A has been affected by this and AC hasn’t but she is worried as well as I am. 

I heard from Liz yesterday she had some banking questions that I couldn’t answer such as why are they charging $5 for overdraft when I had money in the account and was I supposed to have money in the account to cover the so called “loan overdraft for the Debit card.  So on Thursday we are going to the Credit Union to find out these answers and about the service to help people balance their check books. 

The first of two packages from Roberta came yesterday.  It was the earmuffs, pair of pants, and the Irish Blessing Plate I gave to Neighbor Kim.  I had sent a message to Roberta to let her know it came and she later sent one back saying the other one will be here today.  I also had told her about Bingo and who had came to help.  We were pleased.

Well I have to get going….I have more to write but that will be in the next edition.


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