Mid Week Reflection

This time last week I was in Zebulon waking to very humid weather enjoying the last days of my incredible trip to NC. I will have many memories of that time and look forward to my next visit (in a much cooler season).

When I got home it was back into my regular routine with the hopes and ideas that somethings would change for me (time management, finance management, relationship management).  The weekend was focusing on kitties that made me feel needed.

My first few days back at work have been very hectic and busy.  I am beginning to get back to normal as far as work volume.  I would like to say the moral here is a mixed bag.  People have been laid off, found new jobs, or have retired all together.  I don’t know if there is any more coming but here is hoping its over for now.

The once a week check in with Liz is working so far.  She stopped by twice over the weekend once to welcome me home and apologize for possibly spoiling my trip because I didn’t take care of finances properly before leaving.  She offered some suggestions and tomorrow we are going to the credit union to see why they charged me a fee for overdraft when clearly I had money and just what was the $40 and change charge for on the debit card.  One thought came to mind during the phone session yesterday.  Liz had promised to make sure she would be focused on our conversation and yet BIL kept interrupting.  I am sure she discussed this with him before she called and told him a couple of times she was on the phone with me.  I just think it was damn selfish of him to do this.  Apparently he has been in an unfriendly funk.

Talked with Jim earlier this week via phone and text.  He seems to be fine and the last time I actually heard from him was over the last few days via text.  I sent him one this morning but haven’t heard from him yet.  I think he may be entertaining the idea of going to my cousin’s farewell service next week.  I ended up calling him after all.

I am afraid my suspicions about the woman’s club are becoming more and more substantial.  I got an email from Dr. T announcing they have found a house in Florida.  The winters are getting to be too much for her husband and his health.  She will discuss it more in detail later.  She had eluded to the fact that she would be looking at jobs out of state within the next year.  I realize this may not happen soon or it could happen within the next year.  I don’t know but I think it behooves her to let us know what the future of the club is.  Yesterday I was looking at Volunteer.org website for any volunteering opportunities.

I heard from Roberta this week.  She sent both packages of my stuff to me that I couldn’t pack in the suitcase and it also included a bottle of BBQ sauce that I promptly used for a mini pizza.  Note: it really doesn’t work well on homemade pizzas.

She finally has a NC driver’s license and she was relating to me what she had to go through just to get it.  It sounded really disconcerting and hopefully it won’t have to happen again.  She was quite surprised by the news about Dr. T and she was expecting one from her regarding the news.  I sent her two GFWC NC club websites to look at.  One is in Carey and the other is a quite a bit farther than Zebulon even though we have travelled that far ourselves.  She promised she would look into them when they are more settled in.

The DTC is at the moment quiet.   Candidates for local offices have already been making house visits (or door knocking) to get their names out there.  Of course all the delegates heading to Philadelphia in two weeks for the Democratic National Convention (I am not one of them).  It will be very interesting to hear and see the stories that come back.  For those of us back home I am sure there will be fundraisers and stuff soon.  I see my friend Nancy is hosting a Jazz concert for HC that’s in August.   Then later that week is the Oyster Festival (to me that’s a sign it’s the end of summer).  I still have to finish the minutes before the next district meeting which is a week from tomorrow.

So things are changing…


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