Glad its Friday

I am glad this week is over.  It has been very busy work wise and by the time I get home most nights I was so tired I think I went to bed by 9.  Usually asleep by ten.  It would explain the times I got up during the night. It also explains the excessive amount of coffee I have been having along with the early wake up calls from sky.

For the last couple of nights, I have had the muscle spasms in my left leg to the point it hurts.  I have to remember to drink more water and get the bananas.

Didn’t get to talk to CU admin regarding account yesterday.  Sis totally forgot about it and was napping when I called at 5:30.    I was surprised I made it to the CU by 4:30 as Liz originally suggested but I didn’t know what the traffic was going to be like.  So I waited until about 5:30 and after I checked the front of the building a few times I called her and that’s when I found she forgot.  I was pretty cool about it.  She did get a pedicure/manicure though.  So the long of it is we are trying again this afternoon.  By then the storm blew in and I got some money and headed for home.

Traffic was blocked off on New Haven Avenue for a while last night.  It turned out to be the gas company working on some of the lines for the new affordable housing site.  I hope it won’t be like that tonight.

I made the pork loin in the oven last night.  I browned some onions with it and put some BBQ sauce on near the end.  It came out pretty well.  I steamed vegetables with it.  I am thinking I will use the rest for a salad tonight.

Good Grief! I called the Cardiologist who has been handling my FMLA papers to check to see if he signed them and he said he didn’t see it and doesn’t have them!  I handed it to him back in June.  Now I have to get the copy and fax it to his Fairfield office.  I guess this is where I have to say it is what it is.

Well have a great afternoon and stay cool and safe where ever you may be.


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