Today starts the National Republican Convention in Ohio.  As a Democratic person I should be interested in what they have planned but I haven’t been listening to Donald Trump and every time I do not understand him.  As Joanie and I said he is a bully and he doesn’t have what it takes to run a country.  The Democratic Convention is next week and I should definitely be following it but it bores me.    May be it is time I actually follow it.

It was very humid and sunny until midafternoon.  There was a thunderstorm watch/alert for this afternoon and happily it came.  I was trying to post pictures that I took before my cell phone died again.  It is still cloudy and a little cooler now but not that much.


As I mentioned the cell phone fell into the toilet yesterday it worked for a while after I dried it all off and worked for most of today but can’t see but here the bells and whistles.  I wished I had it to take a picture of Woody the woodchuck sitting on the back steps before the rain started.  It has been hanging around for the last couple of days.  I think it has made a home under the back room.  Some point this week I will have to get a new phone.

Work went well.  I spent most of the day working on refund checks and a little bit on the mail.  The man who smashed the stain glass window is now asking for his job back after resigning last month.  Apparently he misunderstood what would be happening.  He asked Local 35 to help him get his job back.

Tomorrow I see Dr. Sonia and hopefully get the application for the parking tag to mail out.  I hadn’t picked it up since my last visit.

I had spaghetti for dinner and now I am going to bed.


PS if you don’t see a picture of a cloud you can go to my Facebook page and see it there.


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