Much cooler

IT was much cooler last night and it felt good.  It continued to be beautiful all day.  It is in the mid 70’s and will get into the 80’s but it won’t be as humid as it has been for the last few days. After the storm yesterday afternoon the moon was out and it looked like a full moon to me.  Tonight is actually the real full Moon.

Work was good.  In the morning before my appointment worked on refund checks and managed to work on the mail until I left for my Lupus appointment.  Some people are moving to new cubicles, LT is moving to the back of the aisle and MS is moving into her spot.  I love MS!  She is great and now won’t have to travel far to get the returned refund checks off my desk!

One of the Admins Dr. B sent out an email about the results of the “survey” about the new work stations at our new location.  Some of the suggestions that people made will be considered and some will not (no kidding).

The appointment went well.  I saw Dr. Sonia first and aside from not having the blood work done and had to go and get it done and then have the bone density done.  I was back at the office a little after one.  I still had to pee in the cup.  It didn’t happen until break time.  I dropped it off at Quest Diagnostics in their new location in Milford.  I didn’t know they moved until I went to their old location by the hospital.  So that’s taken care of.  I also got the Handicapped parking application and faxed that to the State.

I faxed the FMLA papers to the Cardiologist today and late this afternoon I received a call from him apologizing for losing the papers the first time and getting them today.  He filled them out and will leave them for me at the Milford Office on Friday. 

Liz suggested that I put the phone in the uncooked rice.  I haven’t done it yet.  I guess I am too lazy but will do it before leaving for work tomorrow.  I can still here the phone ring, the alarm clock still works, and the alerts whenever a new email or text comes.  If that doesn’t work the next step is going to be a new phone.

I made the lamb chops tonight.  That’s all I had.  I really need to do a better job at cooking and being patient when cooking.  For example, when you heat up a pan and olive oil it needs to be smoking a little right?  No I just dropped it in and had to wait until it sizzled.  They were still rare but not uneatable when I finished.

I have a new 4 legged roommate.  It’s the woodchuck.  He made a “B” line for the porch as I came out to water the lawn.  I contacted Lawn Guy Tim and told him and he suggested the moth balls again.  He will come and do something about the grass.  I asked him for a tutorial because I am still watering everything but the grass.

Did anyone see the article from Red Book posted on Facebook about the 8 myths of cats?  One of them was about purring.  Now I am worried not just about that but everything else…If they are stressing themselves out or I am stressing them out.

Well I think I am just going to bed.  I am starting to get really tired.  Sky is laying at my feet and I think he will want to come to cuddle with me soon.  Tiger is downstairs the last time I looked.  I always hope she will come up and sleep with us but honestly it won’t happen until probably the fall.


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