Mid Week Reflection

It is a much different weather day than in the last few days.  For the last two it’s been comfortable and pleasant.  From what I hear it will change for the weekend. That’s something to be aware of when I am getting ready for the Vet visit on Saturday.

I have had the cat carrier in the living room since the attempted visit two weeks ago.  It has been near the staircase (and not far from the front door).  Last night I decided to open the cash door so they could get used to it.  My plan is to feed him and then put him in the crate by 7 or 8.  This time I should put him in the shower stall like I did when they both needed meds.  His appointment is at 10.  I hope to be a little more successful with this approach then last time.

The kitties have been pretty funny to watch and I always wonder what is going on through their heads.  At times they seek out my attention either for food or love then they do their own thing by sitting at the windows, back doors and watching the world they can’t be in.  I revel in the moments I will call them from the window while outside and Sky came.  He sleeps with me at night for several hours but last night before settling down he ran around like a mad hatter while Tiger seems to scatter anytime I go to pet her.  She does let me pet her sometimes but it can be discouraging.

My cell phone is still out of commission.  I can hear it ring, do the alarms, and bells but it won’t light up and can’t see the screen.  So I am heading to AT&T this afternoon and seeing what can be done.  I tried to keep it in the rice overnight and it didn’t do anything for it.  So I can’t take pictures, send text messages or anything with it.

I talked with Liz for our annual weekly chat.  She is feeling better but not 100%.  We talked about health, the house, kitties, phone, and family stuff.

She was asking me about what contractor/handyman Bill has to do for me.  I explained I don’t have his number and have been contact Lawyer Bob who in turn called her.  WTF?  These kinds of actions make me not want to talk with him or waste my time.  I gave him numbers to reach me.  I explained to him my cell wasn’t working.  Why do you need to check with her???  So much for treating me like a viable adult.  I can’t wait until he retires (and I thought it was going to be soon).

I sent emails to Jim to let him know about the cell phone but I can easily contact him through messenger from home.  Wednesdays are his day off so he usually uses it for errands that he can’t do during the rest of the time.

Everyone else is doing okay…



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