Going to get warmer

After a lovely sleeping weather and waking up to cool weather it got immensely humid and hot.  It could be considered another heatwave.  We were supposed to get heavy thunderstorms in the afternoon but we got a sun shower instead.   Saturday was supposed to get even worse.  Which is giving me a guilt complex because I was able to get a certain feline into the carrier with little or no problem but the appointment isn’t for another two hours.

The commute into work was incredibly light today and I was quite surprised.  Even for Friday.  I wouldn’t be lucky enough to have it the same way going home this afternoon either.

Work has been hectic around me.  There was another round of moving people from one side of the floor to another.  I worked on the mail for the morning.  I had to look for particular EOB’s and had help.  On top of that was finding more and more particular batches that PM was looking for and I swore it was done.  By the afternoon working on the mail fully.

We got more flyers pertaining to our “Rebranding”.  There are Training sessions for 30 minutes coming up next month at various locations.  There is one on August 18th but it is right before I leave for my infusion.

I picked up my FMLA forms yesterday with no problems.  I will fax them on Monday when I get to work.  This should cover the next six months.   All I am waiting on now is the Handicapped Parking tag.  I hope they will send it soon.

Saturday was Sky’s appointment.  I was quite pleased that around 7 or 8 I got sky in the shower stall and literally five minutes later he was in the crate.  I managed to close the bathroom door and made the space tiny enough and he went in fine.  The next two hour he vocalized his displeasure and then was silent.  I kept him there until it was time for us to leave.  He was quite vocal on the trip over but I kept my hand on the crate (it was in the passenger side front seat).  We arrived a few minutes before our time and we were in and taken care of within the matter of 30 minutes. 

He was a little sluggish when we got home and a few times was hissed at by Tiger.  I have no idea (maybe too hot) but when I scolded her for hissing at him she stopped.  He was sleeping on the landing on the stairs a few times. 

I had all these plans to straighten the house on Saturday but because it was so hot didn’t do much.  I did try to make sure my checkbook was in order for Liz and I to go over that afternoon.  She did come over and we worked on it and she was glad it I kept up and it balanced and didn’t take too long.  She did knock over her soda all over the rug.    

Now I am just rambling….

I have Peapod coming between 10 and 12 and Bingo but a little straightening here and there.



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