Sunday Afternoon

The Peapod arrived just after 11:30 but I didn’t see a text alert or the email to let me know.  I see the furry behind of Tiger who must have been sleeping under the sofa this morning running up the stairs. 

I don’t know if I should complain much but the first thing the guy did was to park in the neighbor’s driveway.  Granted he didn’t know that it was not mine if you look at it quickly you could easily think it belonged to the house.  I asked him to move and he did.  The couple of things that I got were either crushed (cereal boxes, and some of the frozen dinners).  It isn’t the first time but I don’t want it to become regular occurrence.  I have already started my next list.

Once the food was put away I made my standard steak lunch with no additional foods.  I was thinking of what to do for future meals and I was thinking of making meatloaf.  It has been a while but while watching Pioneer Woman I saw how easy it looked and figured I would do it again.  Unfortunately it was too hot for me to be cooking so I haven’t done anything yet.

Bingo went well I managed to get there very early and helped set up and we managed to start on time.  We had sixteen residents and almost all of them one.  Some even won a couple of times.  In one of the earlier games I had four winners.  I haven’t had that happen in like years!

I got home a little after 3 and laid down and watched TV.  I fell asleep a good long time.  Sky came down from his spot and had been wandering and meowing.  Tiger who laid down under the night table came down around 5.  They are just ambling around right now.

I am very excited to read I had a reply from a member of Ann Campbell of The Fuquay-Varina Woman’s Club.  She thanked me for encouraging Mama Roberta to contact them.  She told me there are clubs closer to her and they will point her in that direction.  I am very glad this will be moving ahead.

I watered the lawn around 7.  I was sorely tempted to stand out there and get wet.  I have a shower for that.    I may just take a cold shower and hunker down to watch the Star Trek 5 on Heroes and Icons.

Well I am going to say good night for now…


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