Mid Week Reflection

We seem to be having a little respite from the humidity today as it was in the 70’s this morning and it felt pleasant.  It is going to be mid to high 80’s today.  We are supposed to get some rain near the end of the week going into the weekend.  I hope it doesn’t affect Woodmont Day.

It has been a few days now since I saw Mr. Woodchuck in the yard or under my back porch.  I don’t know if he sensed my neighbors coming back or what (lame I know) or he knows I am going to do something about his residence.  It reminds me of the scene in Caddyshack w/Murray trying to get rid of a gopher and he has done everything including blowing up the hole.

I am still waiting on my Brother to let me know if he is coming up for the 5K this weekend (Woodmont Day festivities).  He is going to let me know at the end of the day I think.  It all depends on his weekend schedule.  He has been working his way up to these since his pacemaker was put in.  I just have to make sure the house is in order.  As I said previously I just had it cleaned and I need to make sure his room is ready.  For the most part it is…just need to freshen the sheets and put the fan in the window.

Still haven’t touched any letters for the pen pals or for Debra.  I think I have another phone session with Debra this week before we see each other next week.  I have a lot to tell her regarding work.

As I mentioned yesterday the Rebranding Launch started off yesterday and the rebranding official beginning is the end of August.  To me it was a pep rally.  We will be infusing ourselves into the new rebranding.  The e-training has already started.  I have until 8/10 to do the second e-training session.

This afternoon I have my infusion and then my health coach at 5.



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