July 31-Today is my Dad’s 90th Birthday

Today would have been my father’s 90th birthday.  That’s to say if he didn’t have the health problems he had 25 years ago.  Today three of his children got together for coffee at Café Atlantique.  Each of us have very different memories and views of Dad. Of course by the time he died he was a recovering alcoholic and even then he may be viewed as not the greatest.   The relationship between my two older siblings is tenuous at best and I had mixed feeling and apprehensions about this.  I wanted it to go well.  It did very well.  We talked about family history and who took care of who and it didn’t break into arguments.  Although some of it made me a little uncomfortable because I was reminded that things had not been so good even before I came into the world.

Jim headed home after the coffee date and Liz and I went our ways.  I had cat food and litter to get and a short time to get it.  I still had bingo to go to and some stuff that I had been putting off the entire weekend. 

The kitties did their own thing today and that included going into the cellar.  At one point I went looking for Tiger.  I had called her a few times.  When I didn’t hear her or see her I panicked a little well around 9 she finally came out of whatever place she was and was sitting on the steps from the cellar.  I was quite relieved and once the two of them were up I closed the door. 

Bingo went well I found out one of my residents “Flo” was leaving tomorrow to return ot her home in New Haven.  I was under the impression she was leaving last week.  I know I was being a cynic but this wasn’t the first time she said she was going home and I have a feeling it won’t happen this week.  I will eat my hat if I am wrong.

When I got home I made myself some Boboli pizza and had ice cream (its completely gone).  I spent the rest of the night on the computer or watching TV.  I did some laundry but by a certain time I stopped.  I did finally empty the dishwasher as well.

Now I am going to bed.  I am really tired.



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