Monday Musings

It turned out to be another beautiful day around here.  I wasn’t out in it long enough to enjoy it but from what I could see from any window I went to it looked great.  It turned out to be a beautiful drive home (despite the normal Monday afternoon commute traffic)

I was relieved I didn’t have to water the grass this morning as we had a good soaking overnight and it looked like it was not drying out yet.  I started to do it this evening but I was getting impatient with the sprinkler either going to high or not enough.  I do find it annoying whoever did the lawn today really should have unraveled the hose and put it back.  It looks like I don’t have to feel too bad about the sprinkler thing because we are supposed to get some rain tonight.

Work seemed busy but I did notice there wasn’t too much or very little of the NEMG stuff.  Luckily I was working a lot on the Insurance Refund Data entry.  Unfortunately near the end of the day I mixed something up so now LB and I need to find it before mailing them out. 

The kitties were waiting for me in the kitchen.  When I got in I opened a window I saw Sky sunning himself at. I also had to clean up the bathroom again.  One of them made a mess this morning and I didn’t have time to do it until tonight.  I let them downstairs and I am pretty sure they are still there.  Tonight I won’t get crazy like I did last night and just let tiger come up when she is ready.

Debra called today she is back in town this week but can’t meet in person so we are had a phone session tonight.  We talked about work, family, taking care of the house and of course history.

Linden Hall revamped their website for the upcoming year.  It really looks great.  Holy Moly classes begin in 28 days.  That’s exciting.  I can’t remember when we started the year I was there.

Liz emailed me about a condo for sale over on Forest Road.  The price is fairly hefty but it is a two-bedroom condo.  I will be calling for an appointment this week.  It’s kind of funny because Debra and I talked about that after Jim asked me about it during the weekend.  If this is something that turns out it will be good then I need to start figuring out what I am going to keep and what is going to be tossed.

Well I am going to bed…I am tired and I have to do some things tomorrow (like empty the washer and dryer) and fold clothes and of course get ready for work and go to work.


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