Mid Week Reflection

Had a lovely visit from my brother last weekend.  He came in on Saturday and we went to our local festival near my home and then spent part of the afternoon sleeping and watching movies until he went out for dinner.  On Sunday he went to a morning meeting and we met up with my sister at Café Atlantique for coffee and chatted for like two hours until he left for home.

Took a look at condo yesterday.  As my sister says it really didn’t “bite me”. It was in Milford close to town and just over a half mile from my sister.   It was all one floor, had an attached garage but it just didn’t grab me.  The realtor will keep an eye out for more for me.  It isn’t anything definite it was just an idea.

Work is going okay.  We are getting used to not having work with NEMG and there is a considerable difference in volume this week.  I just finished up the Data Entry Insurance refund dates I was working with.  Now I am working on “readdress mail”.

I hadn’t heard from the ESC regarding my FMLA yet and I submitted it last week. I called them this afternoon and it has been approved and the documents have been or will be mailed to my house.  It will be good until January 17th 2017

There are two retirements coming up.  One is for JNIPER and hers is at the end of the month.  The other one is for another co-worker who is leaving in December but we are having a party for her in September.

This coming week I am looking forward to a visit from Mama Roberta she will be here for ten days.


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