A frustrating evening

Well I am having a frustrating evening!  I changed the sheets in the guest room and they are so bad that they are not fitting.  I tried measuring the mattress and referring to the mattress guideline online but I don’t think I am doing it right.  Liz says she will help me tomorrow.

I did manage to get some more laundry going and straightened up the bathroom but I am starting to get tired and don’t want to do anything else.  I may have to wait until tomorrow so that means revising the “to-do list”.

I hear what could possibly be fireworks but don’t know who is firing them off.  Oh wait a minute.  Of course I do.  It’s the Fireman’s carnival in Orange.  Headdesk.

Good news didn’t see Mr. Woodchuck today.  I am hoping he stays away.  I probably will be heading to Lowes to make sure he doesn’t come back under the backroom.  If he does I have visions of the back room falling down.

Oh and no noise from the smoke alarm tonight.  Not once since did it go off tonight.  I am grateful.

Finally for those of you who don’t know what Mexican Train is; the following link is an interesting read.  I have been playing it for like six years now.  I still have to be reminded how to play and the games can go on for hours.


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