A slow start to the day

Today was one of those days in which I didn’t want to move fast.  I stayed in bed way past the alarms (both the cell and my four-legged system).   After I fed the cats and put some towels in the wash I sat down and watched TV until about 6:30.

It was after 7 when I got out of the shower and got ready.  I couldn’t find my pocketbook or cell (found both a short time later and finished dressing).  I left the house by 7:30. I hit traffic in the usual place but managed to get to the office just before 8.

The morning I spent opening mail and a little on refund checks both insurance and personal.  In the afternoon I spent most of the afternoon working on the refunds as well.  Of course my weekly cleaning up.

I talked with Roberta last night for 30m.  We talked about her upcoming trip and we have a special Mexican Train game scheduled a week from tomorrow.  At first it was going to be here at the house but I got a text with location change.  Now it’s going to be at our friends in West Haven.  We will hear the latest news from Debi and Stan, Dan & Diane (that’s really their names) and Carol and her husband.

We also discussed the luncheon/Birthday party and she was very understanding.  She will find something to do while I am at the lunch and she urged me not to change any of my plans for the week.  Which means to me I don’t have to worry about the appointments I have to keep or stuff like that.

We will go grocery shopping next week and that’s good I have enough to keep me going for the weekend.  She has somethings she needs to pick up and bring home with her because they don’t have the things she wants down in Zebulon.

Talked with Liz and we are getting together tomorrow to work on “book-keeping and a few odds and ends.  The odds and ends will include the smoke alarms and probably the woodchuck epidemic and figuring out the measurements of the refrigerator.

Tonight I will definitely be cleaning.  IF I do get it what I need done I will hope to work on some letters.


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