Saturday doings

This morning my sister came early to look over the books and check a few things and it was nearly lunchtime before she left.  We also looked at some clothing sites as well like Jessica London’s and Women in Wear and the Blair catalog as well. 

We were looking to see if there anymore sheets around in the house for the spare room but there aren’t any.  Lots of pillow cases though.  We found some stuff Mom kept in the cedar chest which included perfume, my father’s flag that was over his casket when he died.  We also found an interesting letter from my late brother Bob to my Mother while he was in Indiana University I have decided that I am holding on to it to give to my niece or her brothers.  I have contacted her and she would like it.  She has been here in the state while her hubby is abroad working.  I am hoping we get together tomorrow around 6 at night.

This afternoon I did some laundry and the rest of the time I sat in a room with a fan and a TV.   the cats started coming out from their two spots.  Tiger was down in the cellar and Sky was under the bed.  By the end of the day I believe they were under the bed.

 I was a little apprehensive because we put the AC in the window and Liz found some strong cardboard and cut it to relatively the same size and blocked it so either of the cats don’t try and go outside.  Happily they haven’t tried.  They much prefer to go into the cellar or under the bed or under the nightstand next to my bed.

This evening did a little bit of laundry and watched TV had pizza for dinner and now I am going to bed.  My shoulders are hurting again and I am pretty sure I know what it is from.  I took my meds.  Hopefully they will kick in soon.

The thunderstorm came through between 6:30 and 7 and didn’t last long.  It didn’t make things all that much cooler and for some people they got to see a rainbow.


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