So much has gone on

This week has been so busy and even though I started this particular entry last week I never had a chance to get back to it nor have I had a chance to write this week.

Today is the Oyster fest I signed up for volunteering at but I am bailing because I am tired and I really have things to do.  So much has gone on this week that I don’t know where to begin.

Last week at this time Roberta and I were enjoying our Saturday morning.  That afternoon we went looking for a new refrigerator we tried three different places and finally went to Lowes and looked at one.  We decided to think about it and talk with Liz about it and by the middle of the week I got a new one.  It looks very pretty and very organized and according to Roberta “empty”. 

After that we did some grocery shopping for things that Roberta wanted to bring home with her as they don’t have these Items down in her area.  Such as MY-T Fine pudding mix or bieles, and a couple of sauces they like. 

Saturday night we went to friends and played Mexican train until midnight.  During that night a strong Thunderstorm rolled in and although it sounded wonderful it wasn’t enough to relieve the humidity that followed.

Sunday Roberta went to pick up some stuff she ordered from a friend that she can’t find down in NC and then she went to some friend’s home for the afternoon and I went to my Brother in Law’s 72nd birthday lunch at local restaurant in town.  

Monday Roberta went to NY for the day to meet up with friends for lunch and I started the work week.  I kept thinking how incredibly busy that week was for me.  That night we went out to dinner with the same ladies we met up with the previous Tuesday.  This time it was in lovely restaurant in Monroe.  We didn’t get home until 9.

As the rest of the week progressed Roberta visited with family in Westchester County and I worked and went to some of my appointments.  Roberta left to see her sister back in Westchester County and arrived in rain.  Tomorrow she will be heading to NC.

After some in depth discussion with my older siblings it looks like a new chapter will be opening up.  It looks like I will be downsizing.  It won’t be happening soon but we are beginning to start looking.  My brother after hearing about the “low-income housing coming to Milford” really wanted me to start looking into it.  So by the end of this past week we got the ball rolling.  My Niece is going to be my real estate agent and seeker and prepare me for the next steps.  I will keep you posted on the progress.



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